Your nights are scheduled to the max.

Stretched thin between work obligations, keeping your house in order and making sure your kids are where they are supposed to be, preferably alive and in one piece, the last thing you want to do is add another item to your to-do list.

Even if that “item” added to your to-do list was taking care of yourself?You are probably like most women, especially moms, and push taking care of yourself to the backburner.

What if you had a night time routine that didn’t take a lot of time and didn’t feel like a to-do?

If you found that perfect magic sweet spot of a routine that left you relaxed and ready for the best night sleep imaginable?

Would you add something then?

Personally, I can handle way more in my day if my sleep has been restful. Which admittedly isn’t always possible, but there are a few things I have discovered that can make a huge difference if I do them the night before.

A big one for me is taking the time to review the next day’s schedule and updating it as needed.

Before you wonder how the heck this is a part of the “perfect” night time routine, hear me out! Especially if you are a mama who struggles with anxiety and is looking for ways to cope.

As you begin to unwind for the evening, take a moment to go over the next day’s schedule and add anything that came up during the current day. If it wasn’t taken care of but needs to be addressed the following day just add it to your schedule with tomorrow’s to-dos. 

Before I added this to my routine, there were times at 2 or 3 in the morning I was up thinking about what I hadn’t finished. Or the meeting I didn’t want to lead the next day, only to wake up and realize and it wasn’t until two days later. 

If you are like me and find yourself up in the middle of the night doing this, you need to add this step to your nightly unwind routine. 

Pamper. Pamper. Pamper.

I’m not talking about taking the time for a luxurious bubble bath, although that would be ah-mazing!

I’m talking about doing those few things to make you feel just a little more human.

If you are a mom to little ones, this may be a routine that you accomplish in ten minutes after putting your kiddo down, or while your husband is on kid duty. 

However, you need to make it happen I encourage you to find even five minutes and maybe choose to do one of the following:

  1. Stretch
  2. Read a chapter from a self-development book
  3. Write in a gratitude journal
  4. Practice self-guided meditation